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With access to a vast network of private money lenders, we ensure you have the upper hand in securing the best fix and flip financing options. Our extensive connections mean lenders compete for your deal, maximizing your advantage.

At The Capital Chief, our fix and flip brokerage services are tailored to support real estate investors purchasing properties for renovation and resale. We can get you short-term financing with flexible terms, streamlining the acquisition and renovation process without the delays of traditional mortgages.

Beyond property purchase financing, our fix and flip brokerage has access to lenders that covers 100% of renovation costs, ensuring investors can complete projects without seeking additional funding sources.

Our resourced range of loan products meets market demands and supports investors new to The Capital Chief's brokerage platform.

The Best Lending Criteria

At The Capital Chief, we understand that finding the perfect real estate property is crucial for a successful fix and flip venture. We've met with the top lenders and we were given the ideal criteria of the type of deals they favor the most. Here’s a simple 5-point guide to help you identify the ideal deal that maximizes your potential for profit and minimizes risk while finding the most favor with lenders.

As brokers, our priority is to get projects funded that offer you the greatest chance of success. That's why this

criteria emphasizes these 5 key points:

Why This Criteria?

Properties exceeding the FHA cap often face significant value fluctuations and increased vulnerability to market depreciation. Homes within the 5-point range demonstrate greater resilience to such factors.

Why 1-4 Units?

This holds significance. Investing within these parameters broadens your appeal to a wider market segment, including FHA buyers, enhancing your ability to attract diverse demographics.

Why price your home at or below FHA requirements?

FHA loans make homeownership attainable for first-time buyers who may struggle with approval from traditional lenders. This accelerates property sales and expands your potential buyer pool.

Why a smaller home with no more than 5 bedrooms and 3 baths?

In the upcoming years, Millennials and Boomers are anticipated to lead the market. Both groups are inclined towards smaller homes: Millennials, as they embark on homeownership, and Boomers, as they downsize. Candace Taylor of The Wall Street Journal notes, 'Buyers of all ages now prefer smaller, modern homes over large, ornate ones.

Why less than 1/2 acre?

Boomers and Millennials alike seek low-maintenance homes: Boomers due to age and Millennials as they begin their journey. Additionally, larger acreage often entails higher expenses.

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